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Volvo has been known for creating some of the safest and most stylish luxury vehicles. That tradition continues with the Swedish automaker's excellent lineup of luxury SUVs. So, what does Volvo have to offer for the current model year? Here is a look at each luxury SUV in the Volvo lineup.

The XC40 - The Compact Luxury SUV

The XC40 brings a contemporary and upscale style to the compact luxury SUV world. As the most affordable SUV in the Volvo lineup, it creates an ideal introduction to the brand for many new Volvo drivers. This vehicle is well appointed and comes standard with many popular Volvo comfort, tech and safety features.

The XC60 - The Small Luxury SUV

With the XC60, the driver gets an ideal combination of both luxury and utility. The ride comfort on the XC60 is excellent, while the vehicle's capability is among the best in its class. The XC60 offers seating for up to five passengers along with generous cargo space behind the second row.

The XC90 - The Mid-Size Luxury SUV

The flagship Volvo XC90 offers the best in Volvo luxury, performance, safety, and style. The XC90 offers comfortable seating for up to seven passengers. Also, the XC90 offers a hybrid powertrain that allows the SUV to provide excellent performance along with superior fuel economy.

Which Volvo SUV is Ideal For You?

Each SUV in the Volvo lineup offers something unique. If you are looking for a personal vehicle that gives you a comfortable ride at an affordable price, then the XC40 is ideal. For those who enjoy weekend excursions to the ski lodge or weekend resort, the Volvo XC60 has the capability and the cargo space to handle your needs. Finally, the XC90 is ideal for those who want the most space and performance offered by Volvo.

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