Looking for a reliable and expertly staffed service center to properly maintain your Volvo car or SUV? Stadel Motors is your go-to. Our state-of-the-art facility is beyond equipped to handle any and all of your service, maintenance and repair-related needs - whenever they arise.

Servicing your Volvo car or SUV on a regular basis is important - especially if you want to enjoy driving your vehicle for as many years as possible. We recommend servicing your vehicle at the start of every season, or if you drive it more frequently than the average driver. The Stadel Volvo service team can perform any service for our customers' Volvo cars, including both basic maintenance and more detailed work. We offer a full-service menu that includes but isn't limited to: oil changes and tire rotations, front-end alignments, fluid flushes, state inspections, brake inspections, heating and air conditioning repair and inspection, battery testing and battery replacement, restorative work after an accident and transmission repair. Whenever we make any repairs, we only use certified parts that come straight from the manufacturer; so you can rest easy knowing your Volvo is being repaired with a part it was originally designed with.

Service your Volvo routinely with the friendly and skilled Stadel Motors service team. We're here to put your Volvo on a steady service schedule, send you reminders about service and offer you affordable rates and quick turnaround times. Schedule an appointment for your car online or over the phone at your earliest convenience and we'll get right to work for you.

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