Volvo is Known for Reliability, But These Maintenance Tips Help You Maximize Your Volvo’s Lifespan

Volvo reliability is the stuff of legends, and it’s not uncommon to hear of Volvo models with 200,000 or more miles on the odometer. But how do these vehicles manage such impressive feats of longevity? Simply put, their owners take meticulous care of them.

The easiest of these maintenance tasks is the oil change. Everyone knows that oil changes are a crucial part of making a car last, but few actually manage to stick to the schedule the way they know they should. Work, family obligations, meeting up with friends, and more, all of these things get in the way. It’s understandable of course, but not ideal for the extended life of your Volvo. Thankfully, Stadel Volvo offers an online service scheduling tool on our service page. This tool allows you to pick a date and time for your service in advance, so you can make sure your Volvo is well taken care of for years to come.

Another crucial piece of the maintenance puzzle is the alignment. Being out of alignment does much more than cause tires to unevenly wear. Over time, being out of alignment can create bigger issues such as worn wheel bearings and hubs, broken tie-rods, worn or broken shocks, and so forth. In extreme cases, vibrations caused by misalignment can damage axles and transmission components. These repairs often come in at well over $1,000, and unless you’re attached to your vehicle for reasons beyond it being a mode of transportation, usually result in the purchase of a new model.

Finally, managing rust is a key component of making any northern vehicle last. While Volvo models are designed with incredible amounts of integrity, no vehicle is immune to the assault of water and salt that plague our Pennsylvania roads in the winter. Keeping your undercarriage clean is crucial, and scheduling routine inspections after the harsh winter months is good way to help you understand if your vehicle is at risk.

Let Stadel Volvo Help!

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