1st US Test Drive of the XC90 T6 in Spain from Autoweek

The redesigned interior of the All New XC90 is as airy as it looks in the photos -- and far softer, as well. Volvo lavished the door handles and just about every surface below the SUV's shoulderline in nicely padded leather that feels very different from the rock-hard interiors of German SUVs.

The seats, which Volvo spent no less than seven years developing, are wonderfully ergonomic and work well with the interior design. Volvo prides itself on uncluttered interiors, and the positioning and framing of the touchscreen infotainment system is far less fussy than in the German competition.

The base Momentum trim is already well-equipped for the US -- unlike with the offerings from Germany, thousands of dollars do not have to be thrown at an XC90 just to get basic items that should be standard.

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