BMW blog pegs XC90 very favorably against X5

"Comparing the Volvo XC-90 with the BMW X5. The XC-90 is looking to be a dangerous (in a good way) player in the luxury SUV segment" and continues with observations of how these two SUVs will compete.

"The XC-90 starts at $48,900, while the X5 with xDrive costs $56,200 to start. And the Volvo is better equipped and is just as luxurious on the inside."

"It’s safe to assume the new XC-90 will be the safest car on the road. Volvo studys real world crashes more so than just IIHS safety reports. The reason for this is that most real crashes don’t happen like they do under controlled tests. So Volvo wants to make cars that are safe in the real world, not just in a lab. The XC-90 is the ideal choice for a family SUV for this reason alone."

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